Man writing in journal

As you come to the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, what thoughts do you have about the last year?

Reflecting on the past year can be a great time to celebrate goals accomplished, areas where you’ve grown, and special memories but also to see areas for improvement in the new year. It is a wonderful way to look back and see God’s faithfulness over the past year.

Below are some questions covering different areas of life to help you reflect on the past year. Happy New Year, God is good!


What was my biggest accomplishment this past year?

What did I do that was the most fun?

What are my favorite memories from this year?

Is there anything I regret not doing?

What were some of my biggest challenges this year? How did I get through them?

What new habits have I developed? What helped me to make them a new habit?

What old habits have I broken this past year? What helped me to break these habits?

What was the best book I read this year?

Did I start a new tradition that I want to continue?

What things am I most grateful for from the past year? Have I thanked God?

Is there someone who made a meaningful impact on my life? Did I tell them and thank them?

Did I make any new friends this year? What do I enjoy about them?

What goals did I accomplish this year? What did I do to accomplish them?

Are there any goals I didn’t accomplish? Why didn’t I accomplish them?

Did I learn a new skill or hobby?

What was the most interesting thing I’ve learned this past year?

Did I learn something new about myself or my spouse?

What was God teaching me this past year? How has this changed my relationship or walk with God?

In what areas do I see God growing my faith?

In what areas of life do I need more of God’s wisdom?

Is there someone I haven’t forgiven yet that I need to?

Is there someone I need to ask forgiveness of?

Have I done a good job trusting God with my worries and fears?

How do I feel about my financial stewardship over the past year?

Is my spending plan (budget) working well for me? Do I need to tweak it?

Am I satisfied with my level of giving? Could I be giving more?

Did I have any financial concerns this year? What did I do to address them?

Have I thought about my long-term financial goals? Have any of them changed?

Am I on track toward reaching my long-term goals?

What was my best financial decision from this past year?

Are there any financial decisions I regret?

How was my health this past year?

Am I getting enough exercise or is this an area for improvement?

Did I have any health goals that I achieved this year?

What is my biggest challenge when it comes to my health or wellness?

What things did I do to help improve my health and wellness?

What activities help reduce my stress?

What physical activity have I enjoyed the most?

What is my favorite way to relax?

What am I most looking forward to next year?


May 2024 be your best year yet!