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Learn about our three different strategies for easily implementing cutting-edge BRI portfolios for your clients.

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Get more information about our money manager profiles, portfolio allocations, statistics and performance data.

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How LightPoint Portfolios Helps You

We know how challenging it can be to deliver quality BRI solutions to your clients. We also know that results count! For nearly 20 years we have been perfecting our turn-key BRI platform. Using our simple Advisor Engagement Process, LightPoint Portfolio Solutions allows you to honor clients’ faith convictions while deepening those relationships. Now is the time to help your clients make a difference with their investments and create positive change in the world!

LightPoint Portfolio Solutions

Rigorous Screening

We examine the universe of securities to exclude companies involved in negative business activities and to identify those exemplary Shining Light Companies that are creating value and blessing in the world.

Allocation Designs

Five risk-based portfolios to accommodate investors with different risk preferences and growth requirements. We use an optimized strategic allocation rooted in the expertise of Ibbotson Associates with active oversight that tilts the portfolio toward shorter-term opportunities.

Turn-Key Implementation

Ongoing money manager due diligence, client risk profiling, proposal generation, model trading, strategic and tactical rebalancing, billing, portfolio accounting, benchmarking and performance reporting.

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