Church Retirement Plans

Advantages of Kingdom(b)™ Church Retirement Plans


The Kingdom(b)™ is a 403(b)(9) plan that was created to assist churches in providing a retirement plan that aligns their investments with their values.

A 403(b)(9) plan provides the benefit of the Pastoral Housing Allowance distributions at retirement. This allows a minister who is ordained, licensed, or commissioned to receive a designated portion of their salary (or in this case 403(b) distributions) that is excluded from gross income and not subject to federal income tax.

Investments in the plan include LightPoint Portfolios™, risk-adjusted, asset allocated portfolios that are screened for biblical values. Our investment committee closely monitors and evaluates the BRI screens using a thoughtful approach, three screening services, and scrutiny of primary and secondary violations. Investments are screened for abortion, adult entertainment, anti-family concerns, and companies that exploit human addictions.

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