When I started Beacon Wealth Consultants in 1997, I had never even heard of Biblically Responsible Investing. I had been in the wealth management industry for three-plus years and, although I had made a profession of faith as a teen, had only recently decided to become a committed Christ follower. Not long after that, I met two godly older men in our profession who both challenged me to consider the moral implications of what companies we invest in and profit from as believers. I was shocked to learn that more than half of the companies in the S&P 500 are involved in the abortion industry, pornography and promoting anti-family lifestyles. That is something I had never before stopped to consider. Frankly, at that point, I did not have a real understanding of stock ownership and the true purpose of business. Nor did I know much of the Bible and certainly had no comprehension of God’s ownership of all things. In many ways, I was in a fog about investing!

Little did I know those early encounters in business would set me on a path of discovering what God’s word says about how we are to manage his money, which would ultimately become the foundation upon which we built this company. All of our advisors share a similar story. Our view of Biblically Responsible Investing has grown from merely avoiding evil to proactively seeking out investments in exemplary companies who live out the Golden Rule in their business practices and endeavor to create blessing in the world. The more we learn about God’s word, the more we have come to understand investing as a sacramental act of worship.

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of families gain the clarity they need to plan well and make biblically-wise investment choices. This became our sole focus with our registration as an SEC Registered Investment Advisor and the creation of our True Wealth Financial Plan™ and LightPoint Portfolio Solutions™ in 2010. BWC and our growing team of Certified Kingdom Advisors® are now on a mission to ignite a movement of Biblically Responsible Investing. We would love an opportunity to guide you on the pathway to building your dreams AND preserving your faith values. Now is the time to make your money matter!“… Well done good and faithful servant!”

Rick Laymon, CEO