Faith-based Investing is a nuanced investment strategy that can be applied in multiple ways.

We believe that every follower of Christ should at the very least be presented with the opportunity to invest his/her resources in a manner that is in alignment with and honors their faith values. The LightPoint™ Portfolios allow you to do just that.

Over more than 20 years, we have refined our screening process to have a thoughtful approach that strikes a balance between honoring faith values and adhering to fiduciary standards. Our Investment Committee examines the underlying holdings of investment managers using BRI screening data from three, independent research firms. Using data from several research firms enables us to look at issues from a variety of perspectives given that each research firm uses different methodologies to compile their data.

Our rigorous, five-step screening process gives you the confidence that underlying holdings are thoroughly vetted across a variety of sources. Instead of following a simplistic “if this, then that” quantitative approach, we dig in to the data in order to balance honoring faith values with fiduciary duty.

Our “discernment approach to screening” seeks on a best-efforts basis, to exclude ownership of companies that are engaged in business practices and philanthropic activities and/or activism that run counter to biblical principles. Additionally, we seek to tilt our portfolios toward companies (and mutual funds/ETFs) that, in our view, manage the risks and opportunities of material, non-financial factors better than industry peers.

In all of our solutions, we employ advanced analytics evaluated by qualified institutional asset managers.

Learn more about faith-based investing on our FAQ page.