Faith-based Investing is a nuanced investment strategy that can be applied in multiple ways.

But all LightPoint Portfolio Solutions follow the same intense proprietary screening process, centered firmly in biblical values and incorporating high investment standards. Our team uses three independent research firms and a five-step screening process, evaluating more than 200 characteristics.

We start with Negative Screens, avoiding those areas that are counter to biblical values. We avoid companies that are involved in performing or promoting abortion or other practices that put human life in danger. In the same way, organizations that have a detrimental effect on human flourishing, from employing child labor, involvement in human trafficking, or encouraging or publishing pornography/adult entertainment are eliminated in our screening process. Companies that have demonstrated hostility to traditional family values or to the Christian faith are excluded.

While negative screens might be the most well-known aspect of faith-based investing, LightPoint Portfolio Solutions goes beyond eliminating inappropriate investments and actively seeks out companies that make a positive impact on our world. We call those companies “Shining Light Companies,” and we choose them for investment when their financial characteristics also make them a wise investment. Our investment team does not believe that eliminating negative influences is enough; we also want to support those firms that choose to promote what is objectively good.

In all of our solutions, we employ advanced analytics evaluated by qualified institutional asset managers.

Learn more about faith-based investing on our FAQ page.