LightPoint™ Portfolios can be used simply and efficiently for the benefit of your clients through several distinct options.

Portfolio Management Outsourcing

LightPoint™ Portfolios can be your third-party money manager through your independent RIA, operating as your outsourced Chief Investment Officer. This allows you to focus on serving your clients and growing your business while still providing faith-focused investment management. LightPoint™ Portfolios’ turnkey asset management services include ongoing asset allocation and money manager due diligence, screening, proposal generation, trading, cashiering, billing, portfolio accounting and performance reporting. Advisors have access to our mutual fund/ETF strategies featuring five turnkey, fully asset-allocated risk-based portfolios as well as our Select Equity Strategy. Contact Cassandra Laymon to learn more here or at (540) 345-3891.

Corporate and church retirement plans with Kingdom(k)® and Kingdom(b)®

The Kingdom(k)® 401(k) plan and Kingdom(b)® church plan are state-of-the-art, easy-to-implement, full-service retirement plans including 401(k), 403(b), profit sharing and cash balance plans.

The plans are turnkey, providing investment management, fiduciary protection, competitive and transparent fees, and partnership with an experienced TPA and recordkeeper. Kingdom(k)® 401(k) plan and Kingdom(b)® 403(b) plan make it easy for you develop your client relationships and serve employers and employees without the challenges of becoming a retirement plan expert.

Orion Platform

Orion Communities

With Orion Communities, you can select and assign a LightPoint™ Portfolio to your client accounts while retaining full trading authority to accept or deny model changes. This channel provides you with the flexibility to make more personalized investment decisions while incorporating faith values into your portfolio.

Orion Portfolio Solutions

Financial advisors who prefer the comprehensive advisor technology and services available through a turnkey asset management platform can access LightPoint™ Portfolios through Orion Portfolio Solutions (OPS). This platform includes full-service proposal generation, billing, performance reporting, and trading of LightPoint’s faith-based models on your behalf. OPS is designed to combine the technology and support resources you need to meet the demands of your growing business.

Orion Portfolio Solutions serves many broker/dealers, including Cambridge and United Planners. If you have questions about accessing LightPoint™ Portfolios through your broker/dealer, the we can help. Please contact us here or at (540) 345-3891.

Become a Beacon Wealth Consultants Advisor

Are you interested in forming your own RIA but not totally sold on the idea of running your own business? Joining an existing RIA firm may be the right path for you. At Beacon Wealth Consultants, the parent company of LightPoint™ Portfolios, you will get both independence and support.

Beacon Wealth Consultants is an established national SEC-Registered Investment Advisor with a proven track record. Joining Beacon Wealth means having access to our infrastructure, resources, processes, and marketing without the effort and startup costs of creating a new business from scratch.

When you join us as a wealth advisor, you will not only have independence and a team of experienced, financial professionals behind you – you will also have more time to focus on growing your business and serving your clients.

Learn more about affiliating with Beacon Wealth Consultants here or call (540) 345-3891.