Mutual Fund / ETF Solutions

LightPoint™ Portfolios are the culmination of years of study and research into faith-based investing and were originally established in 2010 as proprietary strategies of Beacon Wealth Consultants. For the benefit of clients outside of Beacon Wealth, LightPoint Portfolios was created to open these strategies to more clients who prefer a faith-based investment option.

This Mutual Fund/ETF Strategy features five turnkey, fully asset-allocated risk-based portfolios to accommodate investors with different risk preferences and growth requirements. Our experienced investment committee closely monitors and evaluates the faith-based investing screens using a thoughtful approach, three screening services, and scrutiny of primary and secondary violations. Investments are screened for abortion, adult entertainment, anti-family concerns, and companies that exploit human addictions on a best-efforts basis given the complexity of monitoring individual securities within a mutual fund or ETF.

Beyond the typical negative screens found in most faith-based investment portfolios, LightPoint™ Portfolios also strives to incorporate positive screening, seeking out companies that benefit society and the world. Our team is committed to these “Shining Light” companies as key components of our philosophy of contributing light to the world.

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