We knew there was a better way to invest.

A way that looked for outstanding investment opportunities – while still respecting our deeply held biblical faith.

More than 20 years ago, investment advisor Rick Laymon knew that there had to be a way to integrate biblical faith with investing excellence. He didn’t want to profit from investments that contradicted God’s guidance for life. When he learned that more than half of the companies in the S&P 500 were involved in or promoted the abortion industry, pornography, or other anti-family values, Rick decided that he would offer another option.

Developing an idea:

Faith-based investing and Beacon Wealth Consultants

Rick began to assemble a team of investment professionals to develop the idea of faith-based investing, and Beacon Wealth Consultants was born. After 10 years of perfecting the practice of investing based on biblical values, we at Beacon responded to the demand for turnkey biblical investing solutions by opening our proprietary LightPoint™ Portfolio Solutions to advisors and the public.

Faith-based investing:

Solutions for clients, advisors, and corporate retirement plans

LightPoint™ Portfolio Solutions was created to provide options for:

Today, LightPoint Portfolio Solutions applies faith-based investing principles to four main areas:

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