LightPoint Portfolios™ Advisor Engagement Process

LightPoint Portfolio Solutions was created by advisors for advisors. We are familiar with the logistical challenges of our industry as well as the educational challenges of wanting to properly inform and serve clients. Therefore, we’ve created a simple and intuitive process for you, as an advisor, to use when working with us.

This visual shows our 5-step process for engaging with us and utilizing any of our portfolio solutions. It is not just a conceptual depiction but an interactive tool. It is actually a landing page with links to everything you need all in one place. There are links to videos, collateral pieces, tools, checklists, sample reports, fact sheets, account paperwork, and more.

Our goal is to not only help you streamline the process of implementing innovative BRI solutions, but also give you resources that will help you effectively convey the story to clients and prospects.