What are astute companies looking for in a 401(k) plan?

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The qualities that business owners were looking for ten years ago might not be the ones they’re prioritizing now. Increasingly, companies want retirement plans that offer:

3(38) Fiduciary Responsibility

Business owners have more on their plates than ever before. When they choose the LightPoint™ Kingdom(k)®, Beacon Wealth Consultants relieves the corporate team of fiduciary liability from the investment management of the plan. With a growing number of 401(k) plan lawsuits in the news, that’s a welcome advantage.

Faith-Based Investment Options

Employers and plan participants alike are becoming more selective about their investments. Just dropping their contributions into the unknowns of an index fund isn’t enough anymore. People who hold strongly to their Christian faith want investments that are aligned with their values. The Kingdom(k)® includes our LightPoint™ Portfolios that are thoroughly screened through an extensive evaluation process, resulting in managed, asset-allocated, risk-based portfolios for your employees. LightPoint™ Portfolios were developed by Beacon Wealth Consultants, a pioneer in faith-based investing with more than 20 years of expertise.

A Wide Range of Investment Options

In addition to the LightPoint™ Portfolios, the Kingdom(k)® also offers a full range of funds to suit the risk profiles and investing preferences of plan participants at all stages of their careers; also meeting the requirements of the Department of Labor. Each participant also enjoys a personalized online account portal including helpful educational resources.

High-Touch Advisor Service

From designing a custom plan design that fits your specific needs to providing personalized participant engagement materials, Beacon Wealth Consultants provides service you can count on. We’re committed to helping you and your employees get the most out of your retirement plan!

A Turn-key Solution

We’ve never heard of a successful business that was looking for extra work. Chances are, you aren’t either. Our team will assist in all the details of moving your plan, and assign project managers to help with the heavy lifting. We’ll also assist in enrolling and educating your employees, and provide the tools they need to improve financial wellness in your organization.

Kingdom(k) Overview

Watch this 3-minute video for a short overview of how the Kingdom(k)® can help you and your company!

Our Process

We use a guided process that has been refined over years of serving businesses just like yours.

We’ll start by taking a look at your current plan and help you answer some questions you probably have such as:

  • How much am I really paying?
  • Does my plan carry any unnecessary risks or liabilities?
  • Am I missing any opportunities to save on income taxes?
  • Does my plan offer good participant retirement ready resources for my employees?

We’ll help you answer these questions about your current plan. We’ll screen your current fund line-up and let you know if any of your current funds are competitively priced or performing well. We’ll let you know if any funds are invested in companies that don’t align with your values.

We will also show you the LightPoint™ difference – a custom plan designed for you and your participants with competitive fees, a fund line-up of traditional retirement plan options as well as faith-based investment options, engaging participant wellness resources, a dedicated advisor, and 3(38) fiduciary investment management service, relieving you or significant liability.

Contact us to learn more about the LightPoint™ Kingdom(k)® and take your first step towards a better retirement plan for you and your employees!