Select Equity Strategy

Combine diversification and tax-efficiency in a single account with an individual mix of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and individual stocks. Benefit from the transparency of individual stocks and their potential cost and tax benefits. Learn more about LightPoint™ Portfolios’ Select Equity Strategy.

The faith-based investing perspective behind LightPoint™ Portfolios’ Select Equities Strategy is more than an overlay – it permeates the decision making throughout the fund. Combined with Select Equities Strategy’s advanced analytics and experienced institutional asset management team, it aims to give your clients a low-cost and tax-efficient way to create your client’s diversified portfolio.

Distinctives of the Select Equities Strategy include:

  • Daily transparency
  • Tax efficiency & lower cost of individual stocks
  • Rigorous five-step screening process
  • Investment community deeply committed to Biblically Responsible Investing
  • Active oversight

To learn more about the Select Equity Strategy and receive the LightPoint Portfolios Select Equity Strategy fact sheet, call us at (540) 345-3891 or schedule a meeting.

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