Four Strategies, One Faith-Based Screening Process

Mutual Fund/ETF Solutions

Diversified asset-allocated investment solutions are actively managed by our highly experienced investment team, which has been developing our faith-based investing approach for more than 20 years.

Select Equity Strategy

Combine diversification and tax efficiency in a single account with an individual mix of mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, closed-end funds, and individual stocks. Benefit from the transparency of individual stocks and their potential cost and tax benefits.

Kingdom(k)® Retirement Plan for 401(k) plans

Providing a qualified retirement plan for employees involves more details and takes more time than many business owners can spare. Many don’t know the right questions to ask, much less the answers. Are your fees and administrative costs in line with the industry? What about risk and liability? Using the Kingdom(k)® Retirement Plan, Beacon Wealth Consultants acts as the 3(38) fiduciary on your behalf and provides valuable education and recordkeeping.

Kingdom(b)® Retirement Plan for 403(b) plans

The U.S. tax code provides a valuable benefit to qualifying ministers, sheltering their housing allowance from federal taxes. In creating the Kingdom(b)® Retirement Plan, we structured the program to allow this benefit to continue into retirement. Combined with meticulous faith-based investment screening, the Kingdom(b)® Retirement Plan for pastors, church, and non-profit organization staff is appropriate for staff at all stages of their career and has been warmly welcomed by many churches, denominations, and missions agencies.

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LightPoint™ Portfolio Solutions offers innovative strategies combining robust financial analysis and fiduciary responsibility with a thoughtful, biblically responsible approach. Find out how our turn-key approach can help you grow your business!