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3 Reasons to Outsource Portfolio Management


Portfolio management is one of our featured services at Beacon Wealth Consultants and we are so pleased to be able to offer these services to Christian financial advisors. There are several good reasons why advisors should consider outsourcing portfolio management to Beacon Wealth Consultants.


Depth of Expertise

Our professional portfolio managers have extensive education and experience specific to constructing and monitoring investment portfolios. Our portfolio managers have achieved key industry designations like the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) and the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®).

CFA and CIMA professionals complete rigorous training in national and international economics, quantitative methods, portfolio theory, financial statement analysis, and behavioral finance as well as in depth training in traditional and alternative asset classes. These professionals are specifically trained to be able to analyze markets and investments, weighing risk and return to construct optimal portfolios along the efficient frontier.

Our portfolio managers are passionate about constructing the most optimal portfolios possible and have pursued the necessary education and experience to do this well. Why not leverage our expertise managing your portfolios?


Freedom to choose the best investments and managers

The second reason to let us manage your portfolios is that we are independent and have the freedom to choose the very best investments and investment managers for our portfolios. Being independent means that we are not tied to any proprietary investment products. Our skilled portfolio managers are free to seek out investments from all asset classes and investment providers. Part of our analysis involves looking at the investment records of the various fund managers and choosing the ones most likely to advance our objectives.

For faith-based investing, our rigorous, five-step screening process gives advisors the confidence that underlying holdings are thoroughly vetted across a variety of sources. Instead of following a simplistic “if this, then that” quantitative approach, we dig into the data. Our “discernment approach” to screening allows us to exclude companies involved in negative business activities and to identify those companies that are creating positive value and blessing in the world without sacrificing risk-adjusted returns.  Why not allow our portfolio managers to choose the right investments for you and your clients?


Focus on what you love and what clients want

Lastly, outsourcing portfolio management to Beacon Wealth Consultants can free you up to spend time on what you really love – helping your clients. Many advisors get the greatest satisfaction out of helping their clients. This is why many people become advisors in the first place. Interestingly, this correlates to what clients actually want! Studies show that what clients value most from an advisor are financial planning and good communication.

Doing in depth financial analysis takes a lot of time and effort to do it right. Did you know that advisors providing portfolio management spend roughly 40% of their time managing the investments? This is time and effort you could be spending with your clients and building your business. Wouldn’t you rather be doing that?


What about the cost?

One objection we often hear is about the cost of outsourcing portfolio management. Many advisors see managing the portfolio themselves as a way to reduce costs. But is that the whole picture? Shouldn’t you weigh the costs against the benefits? Yes, outsourcing portfolio management does involve a financial investment but it also frees the advisor to spend more time serving existing clients and attracting new ones, potentially increasing revenue. Outsourcing also allows your clients to benefit from more nuanced strategies that consider costs in addition to risk, returns, and efficiency. In short, outsourcing portfolio management can provide you and your clients benefits that outweigh the financial investment.


At Beacon Wealth Consultants we have a full-time team focused solely on managing our LightPoint Portfolios. Our team has the depth of education and experience to understand the nuances of the financial markets. We are independent and able to seek out the best investments and investment managers for our portfolios.

It is our joy to focus on portfolio management and free up advisors to focus on their clients. Interested advisors can learn more here or schedule a call to learn more.