001 Infrequently Asked Questions: What’s Wrong With My Delivery?

One of the things that I’m enjoying about this series is that many advisors in this space are friends – both new and old.  In this video I talk to you like I would if we were sitting together face to face, and you’ll get a real sense of how “excited” I am about faith based investing!

This week we talk about how you are sharing the message of faith-based investing with your clients. If you have tips to share let me know and I’ll be glad to disseminate your ideas to the group. See below for resources mentioned in the video.

Click here to access the Eventide Gilead Portfolio Impact Highlights: Gilead-Portfolio-Impact-Highlights-12-31-2018

Objections Call with Rick Laymon, Mike Kuckel, and Alex Ellis: The Case for BRI

Here’s another call resource I found in the Kingdom Advisors Archive – an interview with Rick Laymon and Todd Larson from Ameriprise, called: I Love to Tell the Story: Craft a Compelling BRI Message