For advisors using Orion’s platforms, it is easy to implement LightPoint™ Portfolios.

Orion Portfolio Solutions

Upon request, advisors who want a more comprehensive solution to portfolio management can use LightPoint™ Portfolios with Orion Portfolio Solutions (OPS).

Advisors can implement LightPoint™ Portfolios with their clients using the platform, combining the advantages of offering Biblically responsible investments to clients with the comprehensive services offered by OPS. This platform includes full-service proposal generation, billing, performance reporting, and trading of LightPoint™ ’s faith-based models. OPS is designed to help advisors grow their business and Christian financial advisors can leverage this platform with our faith-based portfolios.

We are pleased that advisors at Cambridge, United Planners, and others can have access to our portfolios and be better equipped to serve Christian investors.

If you are interested in accessing LightPoint™ Portfolios through OPS, contact us to learn more about how to start the process.

Find more information about Orion Portfolio Solutions here.

Orion Communities

Advisors using Orion Communities can take advantage of the features this advisor community offers combined with the benefits of using our actively managed, values-aligned portfolio strategies.

In Orion Communities, advisors can select and assign LightPoint™ Portfolios to their clients and yet retain full trading authority to accept or deny portfolio model changes. This gives advisors the ease of implementing our faith-based strategies with the ability to retain some control over trading.

One of the features of this service allows advisors to integrate LightPoint™ Portfolios into custom, blended strategies using other curated portfolio providers.

Orion Communities advisors can finally offer actively managed faith-based portfolios to their clients, taking advantage of our robust financial analysis and thoughtful screening process. It has never been easier to help your clients with biblically responsible investing (BRI).

We are honored to be included in Orion’s select group of strategy providers and excited for the opportunity to serve even more Christian financial advisors and their clients.

You can find more information about subscribing to Orion Communities here.

Find out more about our five portfolio strategies available through Orion or contact us to get access to the LightPoint™ Portfolios

About LightPoint™ Portfolios

LightPoint™ Portfolios are the culmination of years of study and research into faith-based investing and feature five turnkey, fully asset-allocated risk-based portfolios to accommodate investors with different risk preferences and growth requirements.

Our Investment Committee has extensive education and experience specific to constructing and monitoring investment portfolios balancing performance, fiduciary duty, and faith values. Our portfolio managers have achieved key industry designations like the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) and the Certified Investment Management Analyst® (CIMA®).

Being independent, we are free to seek out investments from all asset classes and investment providers. Part of our analysis involves looking at the investment records of the various fund managers and choosing the ones most likely to advance our objectives.

For faith-based investing, our rigorous, five-step screening process gives advisors the confidence that underlying holdings are thoroughly vetted across a variety of sources. Instead of following a simplistic “if this, then that” quantitative approach, we dig into the data. Our “discernment approach” to screening allows us to exclude companies involved in negative business activities and to identify those companies that are creating positive value and blessing in the world without sacrificing risk-adjusted returns.

Our mission is to ignite a movement of Biblically responsible investing and we are excited to partner with Orion Communities and Orion Portfolio Solutions to reach and serve more Christian advisors and their clients.