National Security Leaders and Investment Advisors meet in D.C. to discuss cyber threats and solutions to financial warfare
National Security Investment Consultant Institute:  The first free market solution to protect our national security and economic infrastructure.
Washington, DC August 2015
A new poll recently released showed 72% of Americans concerned about an economic crash, the highest ever!  In June, aGallop poll shows a picture of a nation discouraged about its present and worried about its future, and highly doubtful that its institutions can pull America out of its trough.
To address these concerns, The National Security Investment Consultant Institute has brought together leaders in national security, business, and financial advisors to provide a free market solution that helps protect America’snational security and economic infrastructure.  Luminaries such as a retired 4-star general, the head of a top national security think tank and a successful Internet entrepreneurand others with CIA, DoD, FBI backgrounds met with a small group of hand-picked investment advisors. They are all part of the National Security Investment Consultant Institute’s (NSIC) core leadership class being held in Washington, DC.  The goal of the NSIC is to address the serious security problems we face and to help protect American investors from the risk of cyber attacks, economic warfare, currency risks, and other threats.  During thesessions, top national security experts met with client facing investment advisors to help fight the economic war being waged against America.
NSIC’s Chairman and Founder Kevin Freeman, a former Templeton investment executive, Pentagon sub-contractor, and New York Times best-selling author stated, “what we see as the marketplace our enemies view as the battle space”.  The Chinese, Russians, and Middle East terrorist groups have each expressed interest in damaging our economy as a means of warfare using both cyber and financial weapons.  With asymmetric financial warfare threats at an all-time high, consumers/investors sense something is not right in the global economic system.  At the same time many in the investment industry are not equipped to understand and respond to these new geopolitical threats.  
Rick Laymon, CEO of LightPoint Portfolio Solutions based in Roanoke, VA stated, “Participating in these sessions provided new insights to investment advisors that will not only benefit our business and clients, but hopefully will be the start of something that can really have a positive impact for our country and protecting U.S. economic liberty.”
NSIC is a non-profit formed to equip financial advisors andhelp their clients close the gaps that are critical to managing their portfolios. Gov. Frank Keating, President of the American Bankers Association, recognized the NSIC as being on the leading edge in bringing together the public, business leaders, policy and national security experts to protect our economic and national security infrastructure.  The U.S. has expert teams on both the capital market and military sides, but unfortunately the number of peopleconnecting the dots between both worlds is limited.   In summary, Clare Lopez, Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy may have said it best, “Bringing together the investment community with national security teams is a stroke of genius”. NSIC is a free market solution to help protect our country as well as investor portfolios.
About the NSIC: 
National Security Investment Consultant Institute is non-profit organized to promote awareness about the reality and risks of economic warfare, both foreign and domestic. The goal is to equip investment advisors with knowledge and specialized research on the reality and risks of global economic warfare.  The NSIC brings together the best and brightest from both the advisor and national security communities in cross-disciplinary training to foster ongoing research and dialogue. NSIC credentialed advisors qualify to provide investors with real answers on how to formulate a sensible response, prepare for multiple scenarios, and uncover opportunities to invest in America’s future.