Focus on What You Do Best  Tired of trying to do everything? BWC will allow you to focus on working with your clients and leverage home office capabilities and a team of specialists to do the rest.

  • Advisor-friendly compliance back office
  • Robust content development & distribution to educate clients and prospects
  • Home office financial plan preparation
  • Turn-key investment management platform and research led by internal CIO, Hillary Sunderland

Differentiate Your Practice In an increasingly competitive industry, it is imperative that you find effective ways to stand out in a sea of sameness. BWC’s resources allow you to differentiate by appealing to what matters most to prospective clients both in terms of their investment portfolio and the planning process.

Innovative BRI platform 

  • MF/ETF Portfolios
  • UMA Portfolios
  • Core & Satellite approach
  • Shining Light company spotlights enable you to redefine performance reviews with clients by telling stories of the Kingdom Impact of various companies they own

Values-based client engagement process (incorporates the following proprietary tools):

  • True Wealth Tracker
  • Vision Clarifier
  • The Stewardship Journey

Nationally respected brand – BWC was founded more than 20 years ago & is a pioneer in BRI

Remain Independent But Not Alone Maintain a high degree of autonomy while learning from other advisors and leadership at the firm through forums that incorporate best practice sharing and collaboration.

  • Monthly group advisor coaching
  • Weekly team focus meetings
  • Annual 3-day company retreat at choice destinations

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