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Prospect Cultivation and Meeting Checklist

The Prospect Kit

Once a Prospect is identified through referral, web form, walk-in/call-in, fill out a Prospect Intake Form and input the information into Redtail and Constant Contact (please email Home Office for assistance with Constant Contact). Proceed to scheduling a meeting with advisor and gather information for a Mailed Prospect Kit or Meeting Kit:

  1. Mailed Prospect Kit to include
    • True Wealth Solution Page
    • KA Flier
    • “Impact the World” Report
    • Confidential Questionnaire
    • Advisor Business Card
    • A copy of Cassie’s book
  2. Scheduled Meeting Kit to include
    • Everything listed above (True Wealth Solutions Page, KA Flier, “Impact The World” Report, Confidential Questionnaire, Advisor Business Card, Cassie’s book)
    • Current Copy of the Beacon Wealth ADV
    • Investment management Agreement w/ Client Copies of Disclosures
    • Vision Clarifier
    • Sample of Wealth Planning Tool Output

Initial Meeting Preparation

Other things to consider for your initial meeting with a prospect:

  1. Gather another copy of everything above
  2. Most Recent Fact Sheets
  3. Lightpoint Portfolio Brochures – Select Equity and MF/ETF
  4. Directions to where the meeting will take place

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